The No Panic Meal Planner Journal

The No Panic Meal Planner

Product Description

The No Panic Meal Planner is the ultimate way to help you stay organized and get your weekly meal planning and budgeting done right! This meal planner is designed with one goal in mind: to help you save time and money while keeping track of what you eat and what you spend. With this planner, you can easily plan meals, track your expenses, and even keep a grocery list. The large 8.25×11″ size makes it easy to write in your meal plans and keep track of your budget. Also, the weight-loss tracker and notes & reminders section give you the extra support you need to stay on track with your meal planning and budgeting. Get the No Panic Meal Planner today and enjoy the convenience and organization of meal planning!

Purpose of the Book

The No Panic Meal Planner Journal by Simply Trini Cooking is the perfect solution for those who have a hard time tracking their meals or budgeting for the week ahead. This journal provides an easy way to plan out meals for the week, budget for groceries, and determine the best times to cook. It also helps to reduce food waste, as it allows you to plan ahead and be mindful of what you have in the fridge and pantry. With this journal, you can easily manage your meals and budget, even during challenging times and on a reduced income.

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The No Panic Meal Planner is available in Amazon and locally in Trinidad and Tobago by the author (Felix Padilla).

Hard cover cost – $15.95

Paperback cost- $8.99

Learn more about this author, visit his website: www.simplytrinicooking,com

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