Who We Are

Pico Plat Books is a site that supports educational books, workbooks, and resources that are mostly self-published. This website is an independent platform that reviews self-published books from authors and publishers. Self-publishers can gain visibility for their work on this site. As such, their work can reach their target audience and help them make informed decisions about the books they buy.

We proudly offer a wide range of books and resources that support educators and parents in their quest to provide quality education to their children. Our mission is to provide educators and parents with the information they need to help them improve the educational outcomes for their children. We believe that every child deserves a quality education. and we are committed providing information about the resources that can help make that happen.

We also self-publish our own books

Pico Plat has a number of self-published workbooks for children. Our own workbooks are up to date and adhere to the latest standards in the field of education. That is because the Pico Plat books owners themselves are educators. So you can be assured that the books were developed from curriculum materials that are both informative and in line with the latest educational standards.

We continually seek to provide quality content that is engaging and educational, helping to foster a love of reading and learning for all ages, and learning abilities. All our books and resources are carefully curated to ensure that they meet our high standards. We strive to create innovative and engaging content that will help develop the mind of the reader.

What We Also Do

Thought we independently publish books. We also seek to showcase the work of other talented self-publishers in the Caribbean region. We believe such authors need as much help as possible so their work can get the attention and awareness it deserves. We do this by providing a reliable online platform and credible reviews. Therefore, we welcome these authors to submit their details and titles. Presently, we do this free of charge and all books submitted to Pico Plat Books must meet certain minimum standards of quality and content.

We promise to provide the highest level of service, and books that are supported on this site will always remain posted. If you are a self-publisher and wish for your book to be supported on this site, you may contact the site owners at .

Please note, we cannot make any guarantees that your book will be showcased here, for such a decision is of the discretion of the owners of this website.

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